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  • Great people to do business with! Very patient, very detailed and very open to providing what the customer wants.
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  • parvess is an excellent PHP developer and I enjoyed working with him. His communication and responsiveness were top-notch and his skills were reasonably strong. I really recommend him if you have CMS project and you need some one expert in this regard.
  • Very professional team, I am encouraging them to keep up the good work. It is very relaxing working with them; competent, efficient and fair. Will work with them again and again.
  • Mohammad is a competent and experienced provider. He was a pleasure to work with. He was very useful as a project manager in assigning work to others and monitoring outputs for quality as requested. I needed to have a better plan myself and clearer direction to capitalize on his capabilities.
  • Mohammad Abul Hashem was a very professional and excellent PHP developer, specially CMS(Word press and joomla ) and I enjoyed working with him. His communication and responsiveness were top-notch and his skills were reasonably strong. I enjoyed working with Mohammad and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future. And recommend him if you have any job.

The Source of Choice

Cloud of Choice is an agile IT services provider based in Dhaka, Bangladesh with a branch office in USA. We are a team of developers, designers, business consultants and copywriters who specialize in delivering the most effective IT solutions for your businesses.
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Customer Centric

At Cloud of Choice, we know who the boss is. Be in complete control of your outsourced IT project at all times with our online project management system and professional project coordinators.

Operationally Robust

Delivering quality IT solutions on a consistent basis is not just a matter of bringing together quality resources, but robust operational processes and strong infrastructure support.

Competitive Pricing

Outsource your IT projects where it makes the most sense: where there are the best resources available, at the lowest costs and the least amount of risk.

Knowledge Enabled Solutions

Take advantage of the systematically accumulated knowledge of the Cloud of Choice Knowledge Base.

High service level

Cloud of Choice team has been involved in the IT & IT outsourcing industry since 2004. We have gained our technical and management knowledge through practical, hands on experience.

Speedy project implementation

Due to our strong resource pool, and thoroughly defined project management methodology, we can form large work groups and implement your project according to your time frame.

All challenges accepted.